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Posted in Tips and Advice on February 16, 2023

Stay safe this year, hire a professional

  • Kait Simpson
  • Kait Simpson

    Plant Healthcare Specialist

Stay safe this year, hire a professional

There are many times in life that you might think to yourself, “How can I save a few dollars?” Thanks to the trusty internet many people are accepting the DIY challenge more than ever. Just yesterday I came across an article about a women who built an entire house by only using YouTube videos. I applaud her for her ambition, however I can’t help but wonder how many problems will arise in the (near) future. There is definitely a time and place for a DIY project, building a house and Tree Work is NOT one of them.

Here are some reasons why you should hire an Arborist:

Tree structure and health

Trees are so complex that there is no way for you to look at a tree and know what is going on inside of it – unless you’re a certified Arborist. Many trees are susceptible to diseases that you don’t even know exist! You never want to cut into a tree without understanding the structure and considering all factors. Have you ever heard of a Barber Chair? Exactly!

Endangered species

Without being able to properly identify a tree, there is no way you can know whether the tree you are about to chop down is endangered. Sure you can use Google, or a Plant Identifying App, but are you willing to bet thousands of dollars in fines on that App? I sure hope not.

Surrounding Structures

You might think “hey that tree is leaning away from my house, it will land right over there.” Guess again. There are special techniques used to guide a tree to a safe location, including but not limited to; notching, ropes and pulley systems, etc. And let’s not forget the dangers of overhead wires like power lines.

Improper tools and Equipment

First off, if you are planning to use a ladder… watch a little YouTube and see what can happen. A ladder is not a logical way to remove a tree, it is not sturdy and can be wiped out VERY easily. Many fatalities happen due to improper use of a ladder. A dull chainsaw is another accident waiting to happen, especially if you are using it without proper PPE.

   Don’t risk your life, or limbs to save a few dollars, it’s not worth it. Call Safe Tree and have a Certified Arborist do your Tree Work this year.
*If you are interested in Chainsaw Training, give us a call and we can schedule you for a course*

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