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Niagara, Hamilton, & Ontario-Wide

Certified Arborist Consultation

Our certified arborists provide specialized insights for your unique tree care needs, combining deep knowledge with practical solutions.

Arborist Consult Ontario

Ontario-Wide Consultations

Our consultations cover a broad range of topics, from disease diagnosis and treatment to landscape planning and preservation strategies.

We understand that each tree and landscape is unique, requiring a customized approach. Whether you’re managing a residential garden or a commercial property, our arborists are ready to offer their expertise, ensuring your trees are not only healthy but also contribute positively to your environment. With Safe Tree, you have access to top-tier arboricultural advice, no matter where you are in Ontario.

Why choose this service?

  • Tree Removal Guidance: Perfect for those seeking expert advice on safely and legally removing trees from their property, ensuring compliance with local regulations and environmental considerations.
  • Construction and Home Expansion: Essential for homeowners and builders planning to construct a home or an addition, ensuring tree health and safety compliance.
  • Property Health Assessments: Perfect for property owners seeking a detailed, professional evaluation of their landscape’s health and tree conditions.
  • Municipal Tree Inventory: A valuable resource for local governments needing accurate tree tracking and inventory for urban planning and maintenance.
  • Historical Site Tree Management: Essential for maintaining and preserving the natural integrity of historical sites through expert tree care and management.
  • Development and Construction Planning: Crucial for developers and construction companies needing expert arborist input on proposed designs and plans to ensure sustainable tree management.

Documentation that we can provide:

  • Tree Removal Reports: Ideal for individuals requiring official documentation to facilitate the removal of a tree from their property.
  • Arborist Reports: Comprehensive evaluations detailing the health, condition, and management recommendations for your trees.
  • Tree Protection Plans: Strategic blueprints designed to safeguard trees during construction or landscaping projects.
  • Tree Inventory: Detailed records of the tree species, size, health, and location on your property for effective management and planning.
  • TRAQ Assessments: Tree Risk Assessment Qualification reports providing in-depth analysis of potential hazards associated with trees on your property.
  • Tree Valuations: Expert appraisals determining the monetary value of trees, essential for insurance claims, legal cases, or property evaluations.
  • Construction Supervision: Professional oversight services ensuring that construction activities comply with tree protection standards and regulations.
  • Soil Analysis Report: Detailed examinations of soil health, covering compaction, nutrients, pH levels, and microbial activity, essential for targeted landscape care.

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