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Let your garden flourish with Safe Tree Premium Mulch – Soil Mend, your key to enhanced root growth. Ideal for residential and commercial properties in Niagara and Hamilton, this mulch is available in versatile 42.5-litre bags or by the yard.

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Safe Tree’s Journey to Nurturing Nature

At Safe Tree, we began with a deep understanding of the struggles growers face in nurturing their trees.

Our vision was clear: to develop a mulch blend tailored specifically for the health and vitality of trees, not just gardens in general. We recognized the need for a more natural, effective approach, one that respects both the trees and the environment.

We set ourselves apart by meticulously blending various wood species, each selected for its unique benefits to tree health. Our dedication led us to a groundbreaking innovation – chemically profiling these species, a first in the industry. This process allowed us an unprecedented understanding of what goes into our mulch and how it impacts the health of trees and soil.

As you use Safe Tree’s mulch, you’re not just applying a layer of protection and nutrients to your trees; you’re embracing our vision of a natural, healthier approach to tree care. We’re proud to offer a product that’s free from construction waste, rich in natural benefits, and a true ally in your journey to nurture and protect your trees.

Join us in our commitment to enhancing tree health with a touch of nature’s best.

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Bulk (1 Yard), 42.5L Bag