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Spotted Lanternfly Niagara

Posted in Tips and Advice on March 8, 2024

Invasive Pest Alert – The Spotted Lanternfly is in Niagara

  • Kait Simpson
  • Kait Simpson

    Plant Healthcare Specialist

The Niagara Region is facing a new environmental challenge: the invasion of the spotted lanternfly (SLF). Safe Tree is leading the charge against this threat and we’re inviting everyone in the area to play a part in this effort.

Our goal is simple: keep our region’s nature and agriculture safe from this unwelcome visitor.

What You Need to Know About the Spotted Lanternfly

First identified in parts of Ontario, including our own backyard in the Niagara Region, the spotted lanternfly comes from southeastern Asia. It’s an insect that could seriously harm our local plants and crops. Despite no confirmed established populations in Canada so far, staying alert and reporting any sightings are key steps in controlling its spread.

The lifecycle of the spotted lanternfly includes three main stages:

  • Eggs:
    Look out for brownish, seed-shaped egg masses on various surfaces outdoors. They’re coated in a grey, mud-like covering.
  • Nymphs:
    These young lanternflies change colors as they grow, starting black with white spots and turning red with black and white spots in their final nymph stage.
  • Adults:
    The adult lanternfly has grey wings with black spots and striking red underwings visible during flight.

Why This Matters to You

The spotted lanternfly isn’t picky about what it eats, which is bad news for over 100 types of plants and trees in our area, including grapes. This puts our local wineries and farms at risk, not to mention the overall health of our natural landscapes.

How You Can Help

Spotting a lanternfly or its eggs? Here’s what to do:

  • Capture a Photo:
    If you see a lanternfly or egg mass, snap a picture.
  • Collect It Carefully:
    If possible, gently collect the insect or remove egg masses from surfaces and place them in a sealed container.
  • Report It to Us:
    Your findings are invaluable. Contact Safe Tree directly at 289-650-1775 or through our website. Your input helps us coordinate with local efforts to manage this pest.

Together, We Make a Difference

By staying informed and ready to act, we all contribute to protecting the Niagara Region from the spotted lanternfly. Safe Tree is here to offer guidance and support in these efforts. Every report and every action counts in maintaining the health of our environment and the vitality of our local economy.

We’re in this together. By sharing information and keeping an eye out, we can help safeguard the beautiful Niagara Region for the future. Your efforts are crucial in this collective endeavor, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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