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Safe Tree provides tree trimming and clearance around private primary utility lines for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Niagara Region.

What is live line clearing?

To prevent dangerous situations, Safe Tree clears branches away from utility and power lines and brush away from rights-of-way. In particularly dangerous situations – ie. if a tree is too close to a power line or is dead or dying – this may include the complete removal of the tree.

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Why is it important to keep your primary lines clear of trees?

Power outages and other dangerous situations can occur when trees grow near power lines and branches split off and fall on the lines. In fact, some estimates indicate that problems with trees are involved in approximately 30 percent of all power outages.

In addition to potentially cutting off your power, there can also be the added danger of live wires that can injure humans or start fires.

Safe Tree specializes in large, hazardous trees.

As specialists in working with large, hazardous trees, Safe Tree has the specific equipment required to reach the most difficult and high spots on your trees.

Trees & Power lines Safety Tips

  • If a tree branch has broken and has fallen on a power line, do not touch the branch or wire.
  • Do not cut down trees or branches near power line – call us.
  • If you are removing any objects caught in a tree (ie. plastic bags), stay clear of the power lines.
  • Never let your ladder touch a power line – power lines are not insulated and you can be severely injured or killed if you touch one. Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous.
  • Make sure children do not climb trees that are anywhere near overhead power lines.

If a tree branch breaks off and lands on an electric line, causing a dangerous situation, call us immediately.

We are available for emergency services throughout the Niagara Region 24/7.


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